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Following 15 years in an executive leadership position in the field of Senior Living, music became a larger part of my daily life about the time COVID was happening. 

I was performing and touring as well as managing Full Cord, leading a group of musicians was very natural to me and I was encouraged by the group and those in the industry to push forward with band management/industry involvement.  

Very quickly after that decision was made I connected with Becky Buller & Desmond Jones and decided to dive in head first and see where it took me. 

I thrive in an environment of being a resource and a problem solver utilizing the many friends and resources I have made over the years. 

I am a mom of 2 kids and and 2 dogs, I live near the beach in Grand Haven, MI with my Husband Todd (Full Cord) and love to travel with musicians and my family. 

You can find me running stage crews at festivals, creating new relationships and connections while advocating for the music and the creators that work so hard in their craft. 

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Tel: 616-843-7188

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